We offer a range of services in material economics which are developed from our many key areas of research. These include, to an equal extent, the investigation of industrial value processes and the circular economy, systemic interdependencies between energy, resource and environmental economics, such as the scientific consideration of strategies and instruments for a sustainable economic policy, Total Design Management, global value chain and the research of transformation impact.

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Products of the Fraunhofer Center for the Economics of Materials CEM

Materials Panel

By means of a systemic evaluation, we regularly provide analyses of raw materials and materials for industry, politics and society.


Material efficiency and substitution analysis

Innovative materials enable a circular economy – we offer the process analysis and corresponding optimisation strategies needed for this.


Political economy-related orientation aids

We develop technology and standardisation roadmaps as the basis for a structural policy which is viable for the future.


Materials Data Space®

Industry 4.0 will require that materials are also networked with each other in the future. We provide concepts for this.